Lambda Function in Java

In fact, the conversion to the functional interface is the only thing that you can do with a lambda function.

but why there are more functions?
abstract methods in interfaces?

emmm, are several overloading abstract methods are viewed as functional interface?

for?? copy or not?

Basic Vim Shortcuts(updating)

Vim has 3 modes. Under each mode, there are some shortcuts used for editing the txt files. Here I am summarizing some of the basic and useful shortcuts that can let people do the basic editing and start to use the epic vim.

Command line:


Insert mode:

visual mode:#include



set number set nonumber set  set

In normal mode you can search forwards by pressing / (or <kDivide> ) then typing your search pattern. Press Esc to cancel or press Enter to perform the search. Then press n to search forwards for the next occurrence, or N to search backwards. Type ggn to jump to the first match, or GN to jump to the last.

How to install and use fltk-1.3.4 in Visual Studio 2017 2.0 [complete guide] – preventing cross-contamination

bumpy road to code

Last successfully tested: 30.11.2017

Chapter 12 to 16 of Bjarne Stroustrup’s – “Programming Principles and Practice Using C++” uses a GUI library called FLTK (Fast Light Tool Kit, “full tick”). This guide demonstrates how to download, compile from source, build and use the fltk version 1.3.4 with Visual Studio 2017 Community.
This is actually the second guid I am doing for installing fltk-1.3.4. I got some feedback from for my last guide and they suggested to rather “add the include and library paths to your project, to point at the fltk build-products in their native build directories.” to prevent cross-contamination. So this is what I did here, hope this works for you:

Step 1: Downloading fltk-1.3.4.

Go to:
Go to the download tab and click on fltk-1.3.4-1-source.tar.gz

The fltk-1.3.4-1-source.tar.gz should be automatically downloaded.

I used winRar to extract fltk-1.3.4-1-source.tar.gz to my documents folder.

Step 2: Compiling and building…

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My first blog

Hi guys,

My name is Alex Mighty.

This is my first blog, I come here to share my ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

The contents to be written might just be thoughts freely, no plans and no organization.

There might not be a lot of visitors(actually definitely), but it  would be happy enough to have just a few people to be here. Just with me, no matter what opinions your have.

Hope that everyone would be happy everyday!